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The Problem

The Desire to Grow Through Alliances

Many organisations have recognised
that they have reached a critical stage in their business growth when they need a coherent and co-ordinated alliance programme to grow further.

Typically organisations in this
situation recruit a full time alliance or
partner manager to build out their
partnership programme. However,
there are a number of problems with
this approach:

Cost: Recruiting a good quality alliance or partnership manager will typically cost £100,000 – £150,000 per annum.

Time: The recruitment process
will generally take at least 90 days and in many cases longer.

Experience: The new hire will typically not be experienced in
the companies product portfolio.

Past History: It is unlikely that the successful candidate will be well acquainted with the companies target partners.

Scale: New hires will typically rely on energy and commitment rather than proven processes to deliver partner growth consistently.

The Solution

Alliance Interim Management Services (AIMS)

The solution is to recruit an alliance
interim manager from GrowPositive
Limited. The candidate will have the
following advantages:

He or she will have extensive
experience of doing the job
before. (All our associates have at least 15 years alliance and partner
management experience).

VST Process
The interim manager will
be using the proven VST
alliance optimisation programme to
generate and maintain momentum
and additional alliance sales.

ABP Community
The interim manager will
have access to the Alliance
Best Practice Ltd (ABP) community to
quickly and effectively contact target
partners to maintain relationship

The ABP associate is
experienced in coming to terms quickly with new technologies and business models so will be a safe pair of hands in understanding your company’s products, services,  partner strategy and programme.

The Benefits

Cost / Value Benefit
The first and most
important result of using the AIMS service is cost saving. Because the job is
not full time (at first) you don’t need to pay a full time salary making the cost of the service a fraction of the price of recruiting a new hire.

Immediate Results
Because our associates
are using the collated
resources of ABP (i.e. the
community the process
and the introductions) they can find
and initiate new alliances far quicker
than would otherwise be the case.

All our AIMS projects
are based around
projects with defined deliverables allowing clients to closely monitor the commercial results and ROI.

By developing a structured approach to
the new relationships and compiling a range of clarifying documents a faster and more effective handover takes place with the new full time recruit whenever he or she takes  over.

De-risk your Alliance

About Alliance Best Practice Ltd (ABP)

ABP is the world’s leading alliance research and benchmarking organisation. We maintain a database of over 200,000 observations of alliance best practices in action.

We have over 75 companies represented in our Alliance Best Practice Community and meet quarterly to exchange ideas and develop new best practice standards in ever more complex collaborative relationships.

Ever tougher stakeholder demands, changing business conditions and increased competition means you need better operational controls, performance and risk management. To help you, we continue to enhance our services. We don’t just verify our findings in the classroom we go even further and reach out to active alliance practitioners to apply our research in meaningful and commercially lucrative ways for our clients.

Our expertise
Selecting ABP means you’ll be working with a company that strives for alliance
excellence through rigorous and demonstrable best practices.

Current Member Companies

Accenture, Atos, BMC, BrainTribe, BT Global Services, Canon, Canopy, Capgemini, Cisco, Citrix, CGI, Cognizant, Colt Telecom, CommVault, Dassault Systemes, Deloitte, Dell, Dimension Data, Dun and Bradstreet, EMC, Equifax, Equinix, Fujitsu, HCL, HP  Enterprise, IBM, Infosys, Infor, Konica Minolta, KPMG, Level 3, Microsoft, NetApp, O2 Telefonica, Oracle, Polycom, PwC, Qlik Software, Red Hat, Salesforce, Samsung, SAP, Schneider-Electric, Service-Flow, ServiceNow, Software AG, Sungard AS, T-Systems, TCS, Tieto, Verint,VMware, Vodafone, and Wipro Technologies.

References Available
John Bourne (SVP Alliances, Verint)
Patrick Nicolet (CTO ,Capgemini)
Rob Sawyer (Director Global GSIs and Advisory Companies, OpenText)
Markus Schneider (VP Strategic Alliances DACH, EY)

“Andy Butchart brings a wealth of experience as a certified ABP practitioner. I highly recommend this bundle of support to new members joining through GrowPositive and am confident they will see a significant ROI”
MD, Alliance Best Practice Ltd

Membership Endorsements

“We generated an extra £7.5m of non budgeted revenue as a result of working with ABP. If I had known how quick and effective the exercise was I would have done it long ago!”

VP Global Strategic Partnerships, BT

“ I used the Alliance Best Practice approach in my relationship with IBM. Before I used it the best year I had ever had was €6m. Last year after using the approach we generated €23m!”

Director EMEA Alliance for IBM BCS

“ It was essential to have an external expert explain to our partners what best practice represented rather than how we did things in IBM. ABP did this extremely effectively.”

Director ISV Alliances IBM

“ In the quarter following the ABP exercise we generated more revenue than in the previous three quarters combined!”

VP WW IBM Alliance Cognos