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Banking CIO Outlook – future of digital banking

Investment in digital technology can benefit the customer acquisition strategies of the banks and enhance the customer experience while reducing the overall cost for both parties. Banking CIO Outlook look at the future of digital banking #digitalbanking #fintech 

Interesting blog on digital onboarding.

Digital onboarding is a vital part of the ‘next normal’ in post-COVID banking. But with too many customers still having to visit their branch to complete the process, there is still plenty of work for financial institutions to do to offer truly remote onboarding. Read more #digitalbanking #digitaltransformation #remoteonboarding #digitalonboarding 

Digital Onboarding. Make it smooth and efficient for new customers

A new survey has revealed that around two-thirds of European consumers say #COVID19 has accelerated their shift towards remote digital onboarding. There’s never been a more pressing time to onboard customers remotely and providing the smoothest and most efficient digital journey possible for your consumers is essential. Learn more #digitaltransformation #remoteonboarding #digitalbanking

Forbes. Accelerate Digital Transformation

By accelerating digital transformation, banks around the world have worked hard to support their business and consumer clients through the peak of the #COVID19 pandemic.And now is not the time to press pause. Now is the time to shape the future of banking.Read more on Forbes #digitaltransformation #digitalbanking 

Digital Onboarding. Essential for a banking customer experience

Opening a bank account online should be quick and easy as the new modern customer is not willing to wait or circumnavigate systematic obstacles. It’s time for financial institutions to ensure that their digital onboarding experience is seamless if they want to gain a competitive edge.Read more #digitalbanking #remoteonboarding #digitalonboarding #digitaltransformation 

Research into access to financial services during COVID.

New research shows 41% of consumers across Europe have been unable to access new financial services thanks to a combination of pandemic lockdown restrictions and lack of access to digital options. The findings also discovered that two-thirds expect improvements following these poor experiences with one of these being 100% digital onboarding of customers.Learn more

Digital Transformation and Banking

“Financial institutions must balance their customers’ dynamic needs and the demands of an increasingly digital world by prioritising new-age technology and complete automation” – good piece on digital transformation and banking in Express Computer. Read more #digitalbanking #digitaltransformation #remoteonboarding #digitalonboarding

Combine efficiency with effectiveness for financial institutions. The Financial Brand.

The #COVID19 pandemic has highlighted that the use of modern technology will be needed more than ever to combine efficiency with effectiveness for financial institutions, writes The Financial Brand – Ideas & Insights for Financial Marketers.Time has come for customer experience to be improved far beyond what has been done to date, replicating the experiences …

Combine efficiency with effectiveness for financial institutions. The Financial Brand. Read More »

Forbes: Why Remote Onboarding Will Make Or Break Banks In 2020

Following the #COVID19 peak, remote onboarding and the ability to do it smoothly and quickly will make or break banks in 2020. Financial institutions have no choice but to innovate — and quickly — or risk losing market share and reputation to their more digitally nimble competitors.Read more Forbes #re #remoteonboarding  #fintech #digitalonboarding #digitalbanking