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Need for banks to go digital. Interesting read by The Financial Brand

The #COVID19 pandemic has shown that it’s time for financial institutions to move beyond the basics and provide consumers with exceptional digital experiences, writes The Financial Brand – Ideas & Insights for Financial Marketers. Read more #digitaltransformation #digitalbanking #digitalonboarding  #fintech #digitalexperiences

The Future of Compliance: Digital Transformation Meets Regulation

Businesses who adopt digital transformation sooner rather than later can focus on keeping the customer experience at the highest quality, while being confident of remaining compliant.Compliance is so entwined with customer onboarding that firms must prioritise the digital transformation of their risk and compliance functions. Excellent blog on Finextra #digitalonboarding #remoteonboarding #digitaltransformation

Customer digital journey – Interesting article from The Financial Brand

The #COVID19 crisis has revealed that financial institutions can meet the most unprecedented challenges with online ingenuity.However,  their customer digital journey – beginning with remote onboarding – must be smooth and easy or they’ll risk losing the consumer along the way. Read more The Financial Brand – Ideas & Insights for Financial Marketers #remoteonboarding #digitalonboarding #digitaltransformation #digitalbanking

Digital customer acquisition and KYC

Amid the ongoing concerns over #COVID19, businesses must adapt and accelerate their digital customer acquisition offering, while retaining robust compliance with government regulations such as KYC.Financial Reporter writes that the pathway for this much needed digitisation involves a blend of ID verification tools, bespoke customer journeys and seamless integration into existing systems.Read more #KYC #digitalbanking #digitaltransformation …

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KYC and remote onboarding

Over the past decade, Regulators across the US and EMEA have levied nearly $26 billion in financial penalties against financial institutions for sanctions-related violations including KYC.But one of the major issues with KYC requirements is they can heavily impact on the ease and efficiency of the customer digital journey when remote onboarding. It’s a delicate balancing …

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Fast, secure and scalable onboarding journey

The June 2020 Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker notes that financial institutions “need to make sure they properly verify potential customers’ identities during onboarding without making the process too complicated or time-consuming.”Zenoo provides you with the fast, secure and scalable onboarding journey that is more essential than ever in the post-COVID world. Learn more and book a …

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